Haircut & Styling

Haircut & Finish $55+
Add-ons: Straightening or Curling$15+
Long Haircut $65+
Extra Long Haircut $75+
Barber Cut $35+
Men’s Haircut$35+
Haircut Only $40+
Girl’s Haircut$40+
Ages 8-12
Boy’s Haircut $30+
Ages 8-12
Child’s Haircut$20+
Ages 7 and under
Updo $70+
Shampoo & Blowout $30+
*Braided hair MUST be unbraided and detangled before appointment or an additional fee will be charged.*

Hair Coloring (A la Carte)

Our salon charges by the hour for our stylists time and for parts (color + products). This ensures that you are paying for exactly the time it took and the amount of product used to do your service! Each stylist will have an hourly rate based off experience and demand. The total cost for your service will vary depending on the stylist you see, how long the service takes, and the amounts of "parts" used (ie. color/products).
To price the cost of color used, we weigh each gram mixed. So the charges can vary depending on what you are getting done. Because of these factors, estimates for your services are difficult to calculate. For color services, you can expect to be in the salon for 2+ hours (roots + haircut), 4+ hours (Balayage + haircut). For coloring services that are color corrections, larger changes or deal with a lot of hair, expect to be in the salon for 4 - 7 hours.
Full Color
Color Retouch
Partial Highlight
Full Highlight
Men Gray Blend
Fashion Color (Aveda)

Hair Retexturing (A la Carte)

*Prices determined at consultation*
Relaxer + Finish
Basic Perm
Haircut not included
Beach Wave
Haircut not included
Spiral Wrap/Piggy Wrap
Haircut not included
Chi Straightening System$350+
Brazilian Blowout$250+
Up to 12 weeks
Express Brazilian Blowout$125+
Up to 4 weeks

Treatments with Service

Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment$40+
Aveda Botanical Repair™ $35+
Scalp Treatment$40+


Cinderella Hair Extensions
Pricing will be determined by consultation.
Eyelash Extensions$145
Eyelash Extensions - 2 Week Retouch $50+
Vomor 10-Day Lashes$50+
Ombre Eyebrows (covers 2 sessions)$400
Ombre Eyebrows 12 Month Retouch $200+
Eyeliner (Upper + Lower)$300