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Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.
~Sam Keen

A Cat and Lion


We don’t see people as they are, We see them as we are. 

~ Anais Nin 

Self-image is created from projections of our own beliefs and the beliefs of others. Once we believe such projections, they become part of our identity, whether it is true or not. 

Self-image is a collection of our own experiences - how we interpret what others say, how they treat us, and what we tell ourselves. 

What goes into our self-image? The type of car we drive, the job we have, the clothes we wear, the relationships we choose, the lifestyle we lead…Our self-image is what we choose to present to the world. 

Think about what you chose to wear today, how you fixed your hair, whether your shoes are polished or not. Everything we present to the world comes from that genuine belief we have of ourselves, whether it is an accurate one or an idealized image we believe the world expects of us. 

A belief is anything we hold to be true, even if it isn’t! 

Beliefs are the pattern of thoughts. Most of our beliefs are formed in childhood when we learn from our surroundings of family, friends, and school. During that time, we look up to significant people such as parents, teachers, and other authority figures - we trust them and therefore take what they say as the truth. 

We make it our truth, but is this really our truth? 

Over the years these beliefs get deeply rooted in us forming our attitudes and creating our life experiences. We often create these into core beliefs, things that we have a hard time changing. In order to assess our self-image, we may have to determine the truth of it. 

What if you wanted to be a dancer, but were told all your life you would never make a good dancer? Many people would live their entire lives believing themselves to be horrible dancers. But what would happen if they challenged themselves? Took a class to just explore the possibility that that belief in their self-image might be incorrect? 

There are many people who became exactly what others told them they couldn’t because they challenged that long-held belief that others projected onto them. 

When we become aware of our limiting beliefs, we have the power to change them, and in the long run, change our very lives! Is your self-image accurate? Or is it holding you back? 




- 1 lb. fresh mozzarella
- 10 fresh basil leaves
- ¼ cup olive oil
- ¼ cup balsamic vinegar (use the BEST balsamic you can find; it WILL make a difference!)
- Salt and pepper to taste

- Place tomato slices, alternating with mozzarella and basil leaves on a large serving platter.
- Mix together olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper.  Drizzle over tomatoes, mozzarella and basil leaves.
- Ready to serve.

Beach Resort


1 - National Mountain Climbing Day
3 - National Watermelon Day
8 - Summer Olympics ends
10 - National S'mores Day
12 & 13 - Perseid Meteor Shower - peak dates vary
13- Left Hander's Day
14 - V-J Day
28 - Stuffed Green Bell Peppers Day
30 - National Marshmallow Toasting Day

Yoga Exercise


While always having a busy schedule, it is hard to keep your energy levels high.  If you are struggling to maintain your energy throughout the day here are a few tips to help you through.

1.  Drinking water. Water is the best way to revitalize your body. Many times, dehydration is the main reason you feel tired.

2.  Adjust your eating habits. Start by reducing your meal size and eating healthy snacks throughout the day.  Stay away from as much sugar as you can.

3.  Take vitamins. Incorporate a vitamin regimen into your daily life. Check with your doctor to see what regimen will be best for you.

4.  Stay active. You can keep your blood pumping and constantly refresh your mind.

5.  Get plenty of sleep. Sleep helps to rejuvenate your body.

6.  Take short breaks and stretch during the day. Also, take deep breathes.

Nail Polish


Do you get overwhelmed with trying to pick a nail polish? Nail polish comes in every possible color and style.  There are a variety of finishes you can choose from, with each creating a different look for you.  Your manicurist will be able to give you suggestions, but the following information will help you to be prepared for your next appointment.  

1.  Matte Finish.  Has a flat color with a subtle shine. There are other formulas made to have extra shine so that your nails look as if they are still wet.

2.  Cream Finishes.  These finishes have a shimmer look to them.   

3.  Metallic or Chrome Finish.  This is a very popular type of polish. You might try this type of you are looking for a trendy look.

4.  Enhancing Finish.  This finish can help your nails, especially if you have weak or brittle nails.  Ask your manicurist for a strengthening formula that will promote nail growth. This type of nail polish can help prevent nails from splitting or chipping, so you can have longer nails. Typical growth-enhancing nail polish contains strengthening fibers and proteins to promote healthy nail growth.  

5.  Long Lasting Nail Polish.  This finish can ensure your manicure lasts longer, a week or more. To enhance the effectiveness of this type of polish, your manicurist will apply the polish to the tips of your nails as well as the tops and will then finish with a topcoat.  

6.  Quick Drying Nail Polish.  This will be dry to the touch by the time your manicurist is finished painting your other hand. You should still wait about 15 minutes for it to dry completely before leaving the salon.  

7.  All In One Nail Polish.  Sometimes we can be in a hurry, and might even encourage our manicurist to use an all-in-one nail polish, a formulation that contains both a base and a top coat so that it can be painted right on your bare nails and you can be on your way. However, listen to your manicurist and get the best service for your nails and your needs. 

Words Have Power


We’ve all had the experience of hearing angry or hateful words from someone we loved and trusted. Do you recall how your body reacted? Did you feel pain in your chest? Did you think it was just your imagination? 

Even now, thinking back on that event, you likely still feel a bit of energy running through you. Can you believe that just the memory of that event still has the power to impact you on a physical level? 

When I was in college, my mom and I didn’t get along very well. The distance was good for both of us. After one particularly acrimonious phone call, I received a letter from my mom. I held it in my hands, not sure that I wanted to open it. Finally, curiosity got the better of me and I did. From the very first sentence, I felt the words as physical blows. Spurts of energy and adrenaline coursed through my body as I read her letter. My entire body was affected. For hours afterward, I continued to feel the pain her words caused me. 

The following day, I received yet another letter from my mom. This time I very nearly threw it away without opening it, but as I stood there that holding the envelope, I felt something different. Perhaps it was wishful thinking. Perhaps it was the moment when I opened myself up to the concept of word energy. 

Because of my feelings the previous day, I cautiously opened the envelope and took just the briefest of looks at the opening of the letter. If it had the same message as the one the day before, I planned to burn it. 

Instead, I felt the greatest flow of pleasure course through me. “My darling daughter,” I read. “Please forgive me.” The rest of the letter outlined her frustration that our relationship had soured. That she had the highest hopes and dreams for me. The words it contained mattered. They soothed my damaged self. 

Since that day, I’ve paid attention to words, and the power they appear to have over us. It has been proven since, that words do have energy. Not all words create an emotional response, but we still feel a difference between two words, perhaps both even describing distance. Think “inch” and then think “mile.” Did you feel an energy difference there? Think of any set of antonyms you can. Light vs. dark. Big vs. small. Hard vs. soft. 

Depending on our own personal experiences, we may have either a positive or negative reaction to certain words. As with the letters from my mother, certain words still hurt, that I have a negative reaction to them. And still, others make me glow with pleasure. Such words actually color our world and how we experience it. 

To that end, consider words you use on yourself. Do you say kind things, or do you berate yourself on a regular basis?  The energy of those words reaches us on a cellular level.  According to energy healers, it’s not the words themselves that do the harm. It’s the resonance and vibration behind those words. 

Did you know that in nature, a bee buzzing around a particular plant hits a resonant note with its buzzing that communicates to the plant to open itself and allow the bee to collect the nectar within? Kind words and thoughts heal our bodies. 


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